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Privacy policy of jobext which would henceforth be referred as simply “the policy”, list downs the use of personal information and data which the user would be providing to our team through our website. The user will be uploading their details in different sections of this website for seeking or providing jobs. By agreeing to the policy at the time of signup and registration, you agree to our terms related to collection, storage, usage as well as disclosure of your personal details which are mentioned in the policy.

  • Information collection: whenever a user will visit our site, some information like ip of their machine would be collected and stored by our site. But if the user wishes to make use of different services offered by our site, they would need to provide certain personal details while registration such as your name, email address, contact address, telephone details, age, sex, occupation, etc. We would also collect demographic information such as preferences, codes, lifestyle details etc. JobExt team would also collect some information like when a certain third party service from our website is being used indirectly. Our site would also keep a track of various sections and services which you would use on our site.
  • Information use:- if you wish to provide us with above details, you can agree to use, transfer, store and process the information provided on our server. JobExt will never divulge your information to any third party which is not a part of our team for marketing purposes or for other activities without taking consent from you first. Once your profile is made visible, all the details provided by you will be displayed to the third parties user. The information provided by you would be used by the jobext team to improve the features of our site to make it more user friendly and easy to navigate, customize and improve our services and also to add content as well as other commercial as well as non commercial features on our website.

We would also use the information to send you details about our latest service and product offerings and provide you information about promotions and special deals. We would also ask you to send feedback on our product and services. We would like to send you our marketing promotions, newsletters, surveys of course with your prior permission. We would also use your information to resolve disputes and check for any law violations. The information would be used to send your details to various employers based on your skill set and individual requirements.

  • Disclosure of information to others:- Based on the kind of profile status selected by the users their resume would be made available to potential employer. The resume could be stored on our server so that it is easily searchable by employers/recruiter/third parties. The resume could only be used for sending online application. By keeping your resume status visible you can allow all employers to view and select your resume for a job opening. The resume can be updated and modified by the user. In a similar manner employers can post the openings in their company and make them viewable only to users which are suitable for this job. We also provide cookies to improve your online experience and save your time. However you are provided with the option to accept/decline cookies.
  • Account protection:- The user of jobext would be solely responsible for taking care of their username and password. The password should not be disclosed anyone. User would be solely responsible for all the comments and posts which are published using your username. Users are requested to change the password immediately if you find that it has been compromised.
  • Security:- The user data is being treated as a valuable by our company and we make every effort to safe keep your personal information from disclosure and unauthorized access by making use of encryption, physical security etc. We make every effort to protect your information but we cannot guarantee that all your private communication and personal information will always remain private.

Our privacy policy can be modified anytime and hence users are requested to view this section frequently to check for updates. Contact our sales team for any doubts or queries.

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